Mike Schwartz
     Mike Schwartz 125
    Phone 660-668-3751
    "The great thing in this world in not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving."
                                                                                               Oliver Wendell Holmes 
    Middle School Physical Education / Health Teacher.
    This is my 37th year of teaching. 
    6th Grade Physical Education periods 2-4.
            Each moring students are expected to line up quietly with the materials that they will need to participate (such as shoes, sunscreen, etc).
    For The rules for student behavior, see the Cole Camp Middle School Behavior Matrix.  In class, we will be warming up and working on one or more of the fitness goals mandated by the State of Missouri.  We will also work on one or more skills that can be used in one or more of the extra-curricular activities that are played at the Jr. and Sr. High in Cole Camp.  We will then usually play a game invoving a skill and/or fitness component of our daily lesson.  
    6th Grade Health
          During the class, we will be attempting to learn material that will help us to become healthier and more informed people.
    High School Health - 3rd Period