• 2017 Missouri Constitution
    Diana Ball  Diana Ball
    Phone: 660.668.3751
    Homeroom: HS 164          Planning Period: 4th Hour
    Government, Current Issues, World Geography
       Journalism/Yearbook, Sixth Grade Reading

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    Class of 2018 Sponsor,
    along with Amber Strubberg, Anthony Fierstos, & Jake Montemayor
    Cole Camp Community Teacher's Association Member
    Cole Camp Area Historical Society Vice President/Board Member
    CoCa Damen Member - "Working for our Community"
    "The U.S. Constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. 
    You have to catch up with it yourself." 
    --  Benjamin Franklin

    Yearbooks will be available for pickup during Open House in August 2018.
    Seniors are encouraged to pick theirs up at that time.
    If you did not order a yearbook, there will be a waiting list established
    if extras are available.