• Ms. Kim
    Ms. Daria Kim
    Speech, Theatre, English
    B.S.Ed. Secondary Speech/Theatre/English Education, Northwest Missouri State University
    HS Office: 660.668.3751 
    Plan Hour:   10:01--10:50 (3rd Hour)
    1st Hour-Public Speaking (First Semester) / Dramatic Literature (Second Semester)
    2nd Hour-ISS
    3rd Hour-PLAN
    4th Hour-Drama/Advanced Drama
    5th Hour-Tolkien (First Semester) / Novels (Second Semester)
    6th Hour-Honors English 3
    7th Hour-ISS
    "But in the end it's only a passing thing, this shadow; even darkness must pass."
                                                            ~~Samwise Gamgee, The Two Towers

    drama masks