• M. Schmitz  
    Maggie Schmitz
    Email: Schmitzm@colecamp.k12.mo.us 
    Phone (660) 668-3751


    I am looking forward to the coming school year and being part of the Cole Camp R-I math faculty.  Math has always been a fun and relaxing activity for me.  I have been teaching mathematics for over 30 years, and always enjoy seeing that sparkle in students' eyes when they understand concepts they were never before able to understand.  I am looking forward to sharing my passion of math with you and hope that by the end of the semester you will also have at least a little bit of appreciation for the beauty of mathematics.  I received my BA and BS in Mathematics from Winona State University and my Master's degree from University of Missouri-Columbia.

    Please come to class prepared with questions, as I will always use the first part of the class period to answer students' questions. If you need extra help in math, please do not hesitate to contact me.