Algebra 1

Algebra 1 Textbook
  • Course Requirements:

    • 1"-1.5" Three Ring Binder
    • 5 Divider Tabs
    • 1 Clear Plastic Sheet Protector
    • Loose Leaf Paper
    • Graph Paper
    • Calculator (if you want)
    • Pencils
    • Red Pen
  • Homework & Notes

    All notes and homework assignments will be posted on google classroom. This is to be used if you are absent, gone for a school function, or just need to refresh your memory on what we did that day. It is your responsibility to get on google classroom and watch the notes and get the assignment that you missed. Because of the nature of a math class, you will not get extra time to complete missed homework assignments. They are expected to be turned in on time, NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are gone due to illness, you will have the number of days you missed +1 to complete that assignment. However, I would not recomend waiting that long as everything in math builds, and you will fall behind quickly if you wait too long to complete missing assignments.


    Course Outline

    Algebra I is a fairly quick paced course in which we will talk about:

    • variables
    • solving equations
    • solving inequalities
    • graphing equations and inequalities
    • exponents
    • square roots
    • factoring
    • formulas
    • area, perimeter and volume
    • matricies, and more!

    We will learn a lot :) Can't wait to see you there.