• 8/4/2010

    Dear Parent or Guardian,

    The goal of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001 is to ensure that all children in this country receive a quality education.   Under NCLB, each state is required to assess all schools to determine if each school has made adequate yearly progress (AYP) toward meeting the academic testing standards and additional measures set by the state.   AYP decisions are based on the results of state testing in communication arts and math and the school’s attendance rate or graduation rate.  If the school has not made AYP for two consecutive years, it is considered “in need of improvement.”

    Based on the result of the 2009-2010 academic testing in communication arts and math and the school’s attendance rate or graduation rate, your child’s school Cole Camp Elementary did not make adequate yearly progress for the following reasons:

    1.                    The scores achieved at Cole Camp Elementary did not meet the Annual Proficiency Target set by the federal government. The Annual Proficiency Target is calculated by the rules and regulations of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

    2.                    The Scores achieved by Cole Camp Elementary were below the State results and below the Annual Proficiency Target.


    Annual Proficiency Target

    State Results %

    Cole Camp Elementary %

    Communication Arts









    Because of this designation, the school is considered to be in Level 1 of School Improvement and must develop a plan for improvement. One important component of this plan will be parent involvement in both the development and implementation of the plan.

    The NCLB also mandates that we inform all parents that our district does not have a Public School Choice Option, due to the fact that Cole Camp Elementary is the only public Elementary school in the Benton Co. R-1 District.

    We encourage you to become involved with your child’s school to support school improvement. We encourage you as parent to help in this endeavor by looking over your student homework at home, reading with your child daily, and immersing yourself in the programs that will be offered in the months to come.



    Mr. Kevin Shearer

    Cole Camp Elementary Principal