Counselor’s Monthly Themes      



    August/                           Back to School/Study Skills

    September                       Character Trait-Respectful


    October                          Study Skills/Responsibility

                                            Character Trait- Responsible


    November                       Understanding & Accepting Self

                                            Character Trait-Perseverant


    December                       Getting Along with Others

                                            Character Trait-Optimistic


    January                          Getting Along with Others/Conflict

          Resolution/Values and Decision Making

                                            Character Trait- Trustworthy


    February                        Career Awareness

                                           Character Trait-Self-disciplined


    March                            Career Awareness

                                           Character Trait-Confident


    April                               Good Citizenship/Responsibility

          Test Taking Skills

                                           Character Trait-Cooperative


    May                                Safety/Transitions

                                           Character Trait-Caring




    *****These are flexible topics and may be changed during the school year.