• Cole Camp Elementary Counseling Program

    My job as the elementary counselor is to foster and support the developmental, social, educational, and emotional growth of each student.  I do this through classroom guidance, individual counseling, group counseling, and short visits with students.  Through counseling, students are able to form a relationship with the counselor in an effort to achieve personal growth all the while being encouraged to take responsibility for his or her own actions and to set his or her own goals for counseling.  Students are able to talk with me about family issues, stress, grief, problems with friends, behaviors, feelings, school work, relationships, etc.    Information shared with me is kept confidential and private except when a child threatens to hurt him/herself or others or when he/she says that he/she has been hurt or abused.  Below are the guidelines set forth by the American School Counselor Association on how my time is spent. 
    GUIDANCE CURRICULUM:  35-45% of counselor's time
         This is provided during weekly classroom visits focusing on monthly themes based upon 
         the curriculum--Ex.  feelings, study skills, decision making, safety, communication, family,
         differences, friends, conflict resolution, careers, character.  Click on the following link to
         see the Grade Level Expectations that I use:                                                 
    SYSTEM SUPPORT: 10-15% of counselor's time
         This includes program management and operations, consultations with teachers,
         professional development, research, staff and community relations, and advisory
    INDIVIDUAL PLANNING:  5-10% of counselor's time
         This includes individual appraisal and assessment to help individuals with goal setting in
         areas of personal/social growth, educational and career growth.  It involves looking at
         individuals abilities, interests, skills, and achievement. 
    RESPONSIVE SERVICES:  30-40% of counselor's time
         This includes personal counseling either by small group or individual, focusing on
         different topics such as study skills, anger management, divorce, grief, social skills, etc.  It
         also involves crisis counseling, consultation with parents, teachers, administrators, and
         community agencies.