• Course Overview: During this course, students will analyze major events in history beginning with the birth of humanity and concluding with contemporary global issues. Students will investigate the development of classical civilizations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia. They will also explore the economic, political, and social revolutions that have transformed human history. Through this in-depth analysis, students will be able to draw parallels between the ancient past and the modern present across varying cultures and perspectives. 


    TextbookWorld History and Geography: Modern Times. McGraw-Hill, 2018.


    General Classroom Expectations:   


    1. Respect--respect yourself and those around you. That includes peers, ideas, and property. 
    2. Responsibility--you are responsible for coming to class prepared and having any assigned reading/work completed. 
    3. Contribution--much of our class will be centered around discussion. In order to have successful and meaningful discussions, you must contribute. 


    Grades: Grades are composed of the following information--


    1. Daily work – homework, quizzes, group work, worksheets

                            a.You will have a brief quiz at the beginning of class each day over the previous

    day’s material. It’s important that you read over and study your notes daily 

    (outside of class) to achieve a complete understanding of the material.


                            b.There will be one designated Amnesty Day per quarter. On Amnesty Day, you

    may turn in up to two missing assignments for full credit. Amnesty Day applies 

    ONLY TO ASSIGNMENTS. This is the only opportunity to turn in late work for full credit. Late work due to absences will be taken per the District policy.


    1. Tests – chapter/unit tests and cumulative semester exams


    1. Special Projects – paper/presentation.  Refer to agenda regarding long term projects that are late.   


    1. Active Participation -- as previously mentioned, you are expected to contribute during class. Weekly participation points will be tallied. A good rule of thumb is to aim for at least two questions/comments daily in order to receive full points.

    1. Notebook – You are expected to keep all notes, worksheets, and quizzes in a 3-ring binder that is exclusively for World History. Each unit should have a divider so that you can easily identify it. You will have unannounced notebook checks throughout each quarter, so it is to your advantage to have an organized and updated notebook.

    Per District policy, grades are figured according to the following scale:

    100-96     A

      95-90   A-


    89-87   B+

    86-83   B

    82-80   B-

    79-77  C+

    76-73  C

    72-70  C-

    69-67  D+

    66-63  D

    62-60  D-

    59-0  F

    ****You must have a passing grade 1st and 2nd semester in order to graduate.


    Plagiarism:  The act of impersonating another idea, word, or work as your own without crediting the original source is plagiarizing. If you plagiarize, you will receive a zero and possible further disciplinary action will be taken. Do not plagiarize.  


    Academic Honesty:  Academic honesty is taken seriously in this classroom. To reiterate simply, your work should always be your own. Should you require further explanation, please refer to your agenda for the District’s detailed academic honesty policy.