Purposes of CTA

    • To promote the educational welfare of students in our schools, thereby improving present and future society.
    • To afford an opportunity for the development of fellowship, the recognition of common goals, the promotion of professional ethics and greater unity of action among teachers.
    • To encourage active participation of all teachers in the solution of school problems.
    • To promote and develop a high type of teacher morale and to encourage a strong esprit de corps.
    • To support these organizations which are supporting, encouraging, and advancing our profession; to cooperate with and assist other community organizations in carrying out projects of an educational nature; to aid in interpreting to the public the problems, the functions, and the steady progress of the public schools.
    •  To promote high qualifications necessary to enter and to advance in the educational field and to urge every member of the profession to be a progressive student of education.
    • To aid in securing and maintaining adequate salaries, tenure, sound retirement systems, and other improvements and advancements as will enable teachers to function properly in the educational progress.