• Directory listing of middle school staff members
    Name Title/Grade Email Address
    Tyler Clark Principal clarkt@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Jenny Harms Administrative Assistant harmsj@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Ami Schlesselman Special Services Director schlesselmana@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    April Godwin Librarian godwina@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Tamala Heimsoth School Nurse heimsotht@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Tonya Nelson 5th and 6th Grade Math nelsont@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Kelsi Brosnahan Art brosnahank@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Robyn Shearer 7th and 8th Grade Science shearerr@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Todd Smart 7th and 8th Grade Math smartt@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Calli Larson 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts larsonc@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Brian Rice 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies riceb@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Michael Schwartz Special Services schwartzm@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Andrew Fischer Band fischera@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Julia Gardino Junior High Choir gardinoj@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Kevin Chamberlain Current Events chamberlaink@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Anthony Fierstos Cultures fierstosa@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Tom Ward Physical Education wardt@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Dama Cooper Keyboarding cooperd@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Terri Ward Physical Education wardtb@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Colleen Ulmer 5th and 6th Grade Language Arts ulmerc@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Mary Weant 5th and 6th Grade Science weantm@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Susan Prisendorf 5th Grade Band prisendorfs@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Tacy Corpening 5th and 6th Grade Social Studies corpeningt@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Samantha Vansel Special Services vansels@colecamp.k12.mo.us
    Rick Grunden Health grundenr@colecamp.k12.mo.us