• The following are the AR guidelines for Cole Camp Elementary School K-4.

    • Students should read and test on books having a level within their ZPD. They may read library books, classroom books, or their own personal books. When selecting a book to read students should consider three factors:

      1. Student’s individual interest

      2. ZPD-Book readability level

      3. Book interest level

    • Students will not use points from books read as a class lit set or which the teacher has read aloud to reach their goal, unless their teacher has received approval from the Elementary Principal.

    • Students may test in their classroom, the library, or the computer lab only during school hours; unless a special activity has been planned by the teacher and must be supervised by an elementary staff member. Parents and guardians may not supervise their child’s test.

    • Students may test on no more than 2 books on any day. Students are encouraged to read and pass 2 nonfiction books each quarter.

    • To reach the quarter goals, students may only count points for a test on which a passing score was received. A passing score on an individual test is 60%. Also, a cumulative average score of 70% must be obtained for a student to reach his or her quarter goal.

    • Teachers will use the Goal-Setting Chart provided by Renaissance Learning to determine their student’s goal. The totals may be adjusted for amount of required reading time each day and length of quarter.

    • Cole Camp Elementary will also use Accelerated Reader as a portion of your student’s reading grade.  Each student will have two grades from Accelerated Reader and each will count as a reading test score.

      1. Percentage of goal met for the quarter

      2. Accumulative test score average 

    • Classroom teachers may be responsible for tracking and updating students on their AR goal. Information concerning students AR progress is available to all parents online.